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divided upon separation and divorce

  • assistance understanding how family property may be
  • assistance understanding or comencing a divorce
  • assistance seeking child support or spousal support


​​W.J. (Bill) Wardell, Q.C.

Daniel N. Tangjerd

Josée M. Berthelet


Family law is a broad area of law that can impact multiple people.  Wardell Gillis provides various services in relation to family law matters including:


  • Divorce Applications;

  • Applications for child custody and access;

  • Applications for support including child and spousal support;

  • Applications for the division of family property including the family home;

  • Drafting of Seperation Agreements;

  • Drafting of Prenuptial Agreements;

  • Assisting with adoption matters; and

  • Child protection matters.


Going through a separation or divorce is difficult and can be a complicated process.  Wardell Gillis can help by preparing the required legal documents, representing you in negotiations with the other parties, appearing court on your behalf.  We are commited to providing you with quality advice in order to help you resolve family disputes in a timely manner. 


We understand that every client's needs are different and we will work with you to determine the best approach for you.  We have represented client's in court and throughout negotiations and in the alternative dispute resolution procees.  Contact us to see what we can do for you.


For your first appointment, please be sure to bring in copies of any legal documents with which you have been served, any agreements and copies of any previous court orders.

If you require further information or have been asked to provide information for Financial and/or Property Statements, please check out the following links: