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Firm Mascot

Buddy has been with our office periodically for the last few years, and he has now agreed to join our team permanently.  Buddy runs a complementary practice in the new, developing and uncertified field of holistic law. He provides personal counselling services, with a heavy emphasis on the art of listening and deep, soul-searching eye contact. Standard therapy sessions are known to induce smiles and gratitude and promote blood-pressure reduction. Buddy also randomly provides reception and security functions, and he occasionally moonlights as a personal trainer.


Meetings with Buddy cannot be scheduled as he does not have a watch and he can’t tell time. Nevertheless, Buddy has been known to spontaneously and freely provide affection, understanding and esteem. Payment for Buddy's services is gratefully declined, but gratuities are accepted. "Treats" are always welcome, as are pats, strokes, belly scratches, ear rubs and words of endearment. Gratuities should be rendered "under the table" as Buddy is not allowed on the table.

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