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Notice to our clients and the general public:


Please know that the safety of our staff, clients and other office contacts is of utmost important to us.  Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have safety measures and precautions in place to reduce risk of disease transmission.  This is important for you and our staff.  We appreciate your understanding and patience during these times.  We are keeping apprised of the situation and recommendations, and in doing so we have the following procedures in effect (in addition to the requirement of wearing a mask while in the office): 

  1. We are making all reasonable efforts to conduct meetings with clients and others by phone, and to share documents and written materials by email, fax or courier;

  2. We are not scheduling face-to-face meetings, unless absolutely necessary;

  3. We may arrange for off-site document execution;

  4. When on-site face-to-face meetings are necessary, we will be limiting our meetings to execution of materials;

 5.  Prior to permitting and arranging any meetings, factors will be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Inquiring if you have travelled outside of Canada, have had contact with someone who has travelled outside of Canada, and if you have had any of the following symptoms:  coughing, fever and/or body aches.

  • Depending on those answers, the meeting may not be permitted or may be postponed;

 6.  In the event that on-site communications take place, we will continue to take precautions to fully disinfect surfaces              and to assist us with that, we would ask that upon your arrival at our office you either wash your hands or use the

      hand sanitizer that is available at our office.  We also ask that as best as can be done, upon arrival at our office, you   

      maintain a distance of at least 6’ from our main reception desk; and

 7.  If you do not have a non-medical mask available to wear while at our office, we can provide you with one.

We are presently continuing to work at the office, although there may be circumstances when we will be working remotely.


Throughout these times, we will endeavour to ensure that interruption to services will be kept at a minimum, although we cannot guarantee that all matters will be handled as quickly as they have been.  We thank you for your continued patience in that regard.


We appreciate your understanding during these times, and we will continue to provide updates going forward.


Thank you.

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